Exhibitors information

Traditional exhibitions and events centre on the procurement of products. In our opinion, this is only the start of cooperation. The most important objective is to sell products to consumers. Without sales, there’s no reason to purchase. The common interest is to provide the consumer with as good and efficient a service as possible, bundling our strengths to achieve this.

TREx is the platform that bundles retail knowledge and conveys it to the sector. This ensures more effective and improved sales, allowing suppliers to deliver more products, thus stimulating the growth of the entire sector. Sales to the consumer takes centre stage at TREx. That’s why exhibitors don’t have their own stand; instead, they have a place in a large concept store (shopping environment, where they can display in what manner their products and retail concepts can be presented and sold most effectively.

There are various packages available through which you can participate in TREx, download the brochure below for more information.

For reservations, additional information and a tailored advice, please contact:

Dittmar Boumans
Phone number 0031 46-4818600 or 0031 6-53238397
Email: d.boumans@tpk-media.nl